Won’t Engage, A/C Compressor


What causes a cars ac compressor belt and cooling fan not to engage?

I own a 94 geo metro and i was looking in my engine to see if i could see if the compressor was engaging cause my ac is blowing hot air. I saw that when i turned on the ac neither the cooling fan nor the compressor were engaging. what could cause this any help is appreciated i don’t have lots of funds to be going to mechanics thank you.


Please do check for the fuse of each part, a blown fuse make the part fail to work. If the fuse is fine, for compressor, it might the switch is fail or the magnet pully is not working by worn or insufficient power.

For the fan, beside the fuse, it could be the thermosensor is no longer work and need to be replace, or dust is blocking the fan to turning.

For dust, knock the fan for a few times, the fan should be fine after that.

For thermosensor, it located at radiator hose line with 2 wires.

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